An apartment resort (also residential resort, or extended-stay hotel) is a maintained property

An apartment resort (also residential resort, or extended-stay hotel) is a maintained property complicated that uses a hotel-style reservation system. It is related to leasing a property, but with no set agreements and residents can check-out whenever they wish.

The conventional zoning definition in the U. s. States [where?] is:

"Apartment resort means a building designed for or containing both flats and individual guestrooms or rental models, under citizen guidance, and which preserves an inner entrance hall through which all renters must pass to get access to flats, rooms or models.

An apartment resort complicated usually offers a finish fully set property. These buildings are usually custom made, and such as a resort complicated containing a different amount of flats. The length of remain in these property resorts is different with anywhere from a couple of times to months or even years. The people who remain in property resorts use them as long-term accommodation; therefore, resorts are often set with most things the average house would require.


Apartment resorts were first created in attractions as real estate for family members that required to live in a property rather than stay as they would in a resort. The flats would offer a holiday home but generally be maintained. Later, these flats progressed to be finish homes, allowing residents to do everything they would at house, such as cleaning, washing, and cooking.

Extended remain hotels

Extended remain resorts are a type of accommodations with functions not available at conventional resorts. These functions are intended to offer more home-like features. There are currently 27 prolonged remain stores in North America with at least 7 resorts, comprising over 2,000 qualities. There is significant difference among prolonged remain resorts with respect to quality and the features available. Some of the economy stores entice customers who use resorts as semi-permanent accommodations.

Extended-stay resorts typically have self-serve washing laundry features and offer reduced prices for remains, beginning at 5 or a week. They also have guestrooms (or "suites") with cooking areas. The cooking areas include at a minimum usually: a drain, a fridge (usually full size), a microwave stove, and a stove. Some cooking areas also have dish washers and conventional ranges.

Extended remain resorts are targeted at business tourists on prolonged projects, family members in the middle of a moving, and others in need of short-term real estate.

The Residence Inn sequence was released in 1975 in Wichita, Might by Port DE Boer, and obtained by Marriott Organization later. As of Apr 2005, there were over 450 Residence Inn resorts in the U. S. Declares, North America, and South America.


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